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About Mobile App Development

Is the app good enough to break the whole clutter of mobile apps and make space for itself? Is it equipped with a special factor that’ll keep the audiences glued to it? These are some crucial questions that most of themobile app development agencies forget to ask their clients. A smart agency would always ensure that you have answers for these before you opt for mobile app creation for your business. The business of app marketing has come to a point where a new app is released every single day. To stand out, a brand must be clear about its USPs and how their app would reflect the same.

Hike, messaging app that went global and won the hearts worldwide is a classic example of a mobile app that made its space through unique propositions. Achieving large scale usage all over the world is something that every app wants to achieve.

Though people today are crushing over WhatsApp, Hike is till date a better option when it comes to connecting with friends and family overseas. Just go through the list of features Hike provides (and WhatsApp doesn’t) and you would get our point!

  • The concept of stickers was introduced by Hike and it still rules it
  • Sending messages to offline users is only available in Hike
  • An option to hide each conversation with the help of hidden mode, a feature still not available in WhatsApp
  • Presence of referral rewards
  • A theme for every conversation
  • Stories that remains surfaced for 48 hours (its 24 hours in WhatsApp)

With these unique features Hike has been able to maintain a global appeal. Like Hike, every company should think – what purposes it seeks to serve through an app, what are the pain areas of its target audience that an app would resolve, does that resolution come from an app necessarily or is there another route that is available. Once answers for these questions are clear, the company can opt for mobile app development for its business/services/products.

So now that you have decided to design a mobile app for your business, here are few things that must be kept in mind.

  • Decide the purpose of the app – is it for information, is it an extension of your service to the consumer; or a way to connect back to the organization?
  • Give mobile users a reason to continually open the app by providing timely, relevant information.
  • If you want the app to connect back to your business, figure out what connection that should be.
  • Set up tracking mechanisms to determine how to follow up with consumers.